Healing, Archaeology, Science, Energy and Spirituality combined

The program includes: Bioenergy treatments with master therapist Marko Legat and his colleagues (four consecutive days), attending healing points and meditations in the Tunnels (Underground Labyrinth Ravne), guided presentations and meditations at the Park and archeological sites, lunches at the site of the park (all days), homemade, organic food. 

In our program we combine healing, bioenergy, archeology, science and spirituality. Arrangement is recommended for anyone who wants to recharge their batteries, boost their immune systems, get rid of colds, malaise and fatigue, as well as people who have more serious or long-lasting and chronic health problems. Bioenergotherapy in synergy with the beneficial effects of the Tunnels and Park in many cases trigger remediation of a health problems and even complete recovery. Note: Beneficial energies and Biotherapy are not substitutes for official medical procedures. 

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(5 day program)

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