Distant healing


In an ideal world, all you have to do to overcome the disease is to sit comfortably into your armchair or to lie on the bed, relax completely and call the bioenergy therapist for performing distant healing. Well, this idea is not as far from reality as you might think. In practice we are successfully implementing BioQuantum holistic therapy using the D-BRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy) method. 

The most wonderful thing is that a client who has health issue can effectively solve, relieve or eliminate it at home, comfortably placed in armchair or in bed. The BioQuantum therapy according to the energy-vibration principle D-BRET is performed at a distance, for four consecutive days, up to 30 minutes per day. For more severe health issues, the cycle of therapies can be prolonged to 5-7 days (for example, with cancer, persistent gout, sciatica, severe haemorrhoids, etc.).

Some chronic diseases need therapies to be repeated cyclically for several months, usually once a month, cancer at least 6 month, epilepsy for several months, as well as asthma, pulmonary insufficiency, chronic arthritis, etc.. And bioquantum energy therapy is repeated after each chemotheraphy and also after the end of at least three to six months. Some diseases (eg. multiple sclerosis, Parkinson, ALS) are performed continuously over a long period of time…

For the effectiveness of the therapy it is not necessary for the client to believe or understand how the bioquantum eenergy therapy works “remotely”. The therapy also works if the client has doubts about the operation. It makes no difference to the success of the action. It is important that the therapy is safe and with no unwanted side effects, and that at the end of the treatment cycle more than 85% of our clients declare that their health status is significantly better (we keep an archive of our clients’ survey responses).

Further information on bioquantum energy therapy can be found under the link: BioQuantum method. We are aware that the remote bioquantum therapy is incomprehensible to many people. Only your own direct experience will convince you in “unbelievable” efficiency. Call us and we will be most happy to be able to assist you.

BioQuantum Energy Therapy “at a distance” is performed 7/365 between 8:00 and 22.00 CET. Reservation is required.

One therapy cycle (4-5 consecutive days).

Price: 180,00 £

What should you do before starting the therapy ? Drink 2-3 dcl of clean lukewarm water before therapy. Rinse your hands and face with water. Then sit on a comfortable chair, or lie on the bed. It is important that you are completely relaxed (in a state of deep calmness) during the course of the therapy, that you do not have crossed arms or legs, that there are no disturbances around you (people, noise, TV, etc.). When you are thus prepared (and calm), at the agreed time (preliminary reservation of the term) you call the therapist. Bioquantum-energy-therapist takes over the situation from this point on.

Note: It is not uncommon for the client to be unable to relax and not be able to sink into a state of deep calmness. This inevitably slows down the therapeutic procedure. The reasons may be several – distrust, fear of loss of self-control, fear of the unknown, etc. The brain, due to its mental activity, flashes in beta waves (alpha or theta state is required), consuming large quantities of quantum bio-energy potential, and thus they are blocking energy interference. A bioenergy therapist can not actively interfere with his bio-energetic field due to the client’s “non-cooperation”, and in such a case, the therapy has no desirable therapeutic effect.

What happens during BioQuantum energy therapy? Your geographical location is not relevant at all; you can be thousands of miles away. The therapist remotely enters the client’s coherent field with coded energy technics (in the medial state), causing arousal and effect of the so-called biological resonances, which in the client’s organism trigger homeostatic processes of self-regulation, regeneration, healing, revitalization. The process is intrinsically immanent to nature and manifests as “self-healing”. Precisely because of this natural “phenomenon” and because of the knowledge of the direct cause-and-effect connection between the human bioquantum energy field and the physical body, the practical use of the quantum therapy is possible. The therapeutic effects are remarkable.

When transmitting energy-information, clients can “physically” perceive it – they describe feelings as a kind of tingling, like feeling warm or cold, as something crawling inside, as well as something unusual and sometimes difficult to describe. The effects of bioquantum energy therapy are visible on the physical level in the normalization of biochemical processes and physiological functions. The person feels them as an increased vitality, improved well-being, and improvement of the state of health or a complete recovery. More than 85% of clients state at the end of the treatment that their condition has improved considerably.

Intervention into the client`s energy matrix causes strong therapeutic effects and can potentially alleviate and/or eliminate all kinds of health issues (diseases, pain, injury and distress). The bioquantum energy therapy is performed according to quantum procedures, which gives the impression of magical mystical practices – information (energy) is remotely transfered from therapist to the client – transmission is enabled by omnipresent (universal) energy grid (the matrix), which is an immanent and intrinsic attribute of the nature (Quantum entanglement). Therapeutical inducting and steering biofotonic plasma to the client`s energy matrix, is a process, which causes strong therapeutic effects. Effectiveness (efficiency) of the process is not limited by the client’s geographic location and the distance (the client can be literally on the other side of the world).

HOW TO BOOK a BioQuantum energy therapy?

It is enough to send us an e-mail with a brief description of your health condition (diagnosis). We will respond as soon as possible. Our e-mail adress: info@bioquantum.org

We`ll arrange an appointment – therapy lasts for four (five) consecutive days, up to 30 minutes per day. Before the therapy please wash your palms, drink 2-3 dcl of water and relax. During the energy therapy please rest (you can sit or lie), it is important to be completely relaxed (physicaly and mentaly), avoid to have crossed arms or legs and avoid all disturbances for 30 minutes.

You will get all further information to be able to establish contact at the agreed time. 

The validity of the quantum concept of reality and the operational functionality of quantum entaglement is empirically confirmed by the very successful everyday therapeutic practiceThe energy interaction with persistent repetition (the process lasts for four or five consecutive days) triggers the immanent processes of self-regulation, which leads to homeostasis – the normalization of biochemical processes and physiological functions, significant health improvement and/or complete recovery.

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