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We use effective bioenergy therapy.

LevkemijaLeukemia is a disease in which we can effectively assist with bio-energotherapy D-BRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy). We are here to emphasize that bioenergy BioQuantum is not an “exclusive” method for the treatment of cancer and does not replace official medical treatments. We recommend it as an alternative and complementary service, which certainly helps the body to overcome the disease. Therapy is non-invasive, painless, no side effects, patient-friendly.

When leukemia is diagnosed, official medicine offers “standard” forms of treatment to the patient, most often chemotherapy, which, unfortunately, has very “severe” unwanted side effects and destroys the entire immune system (defense) of the organism. Bioquantum Energetics is a complementary energy method that has a very positive effect on the strengthening of the immune system and on the course of the disease. With energotherapy treatments, we renew and stabilize the client’s energy (coherent) field, thereby lifting the immune system and effectively supporting the self-defense ability of the organism.

Leukemia is a disease with many “faces”. The course of the disease and the healing of leukemia are unpredictable and also depend on the condition when someone opts for energy therapy. By using bioenergy treatments, clients usually significantly improve their well-being and can more easily tolerate the health problems brought about by chemotherapy and irradiation.

Leukemia is a disease in which biotherapy with D-BRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy) can also be used remotely without direct physical contact. The techniques of quantum teleportation enable us to induce and direct the biofotonic plasma into the “destabilized” energy field of the client, and especially in the energy matrix of the affected organs (heavy bone and bone marrow, liver, spleen, lymph nodes).

We are aware that for many people remote operation is something incomprehensible. With induced bio-photon plasma, we can reach your energy field (your information matrix) immediately, anytime, anytime! Do not believe it? Try it out! We can not convince you in words. Only a direct live experience will convince you. We invite you to get it. Call! We will help you.

Energy therapy at a distance (distant healing)
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The on-site Bio-Energotherapist is available every day, including Sundays and holidays, from 8.00 to 22.00 on the mobile phone number: + 386 41 636 532 or by e-mail: – if this moment is not possible will return the call or we will give you a written reply within 24 hours.

When leukemia is diagnosed, it is not easy, but certainly with bio-energotherapy by D-BRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy) can effectively help to overcome disease.

Leukemia Symptoms: Malignant disease of blood and blood-forming organs. In the bone marrow, cancerous white blood cells are developing uncontrollably, which hinder the growth of healthy, red and white blood cells. Lymph nodes, liver and spleen increase, and the signs of illness are quite general, so they can be replaced in the beginning for a cold. Leukemia, Signs: The most common symptoms in the diagnosis of leukemia include: anemia, fatigue, breathlessness, increased lymph nodes, night sweats, enlarged liver, enlarged spleen, joint and bone pain, bruising, long haemorrhage, slow wound healing, uncontrolled reduction in body weight weight, infection, slightly increased fever, pneumonia, etc ..

Leukemia is on the rise. The number of diseased children (leukemia in children) also increases.

Leukemia is definitely not something that you would accept with a light heart, but we can describe the experiences of patients who have sought bioenergy help when they have received leukemia diagnosis.

To many patients who have been diagnosed with leukemia, we have been helping bio-energotherapy to overcome the disease.

Leukemia is a disease that the official medicine “heals” chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the anticipated negative side effects are unfortunately due to which the quality of life greatly deteriorates. Each patient who has been diagnosed with leukemia is consulted by a doctor and on the basis of the information provided, he / she decides on the treatment method. For help with bioenergy therapy, patients with leukemia themselves are asked, usually on the basis of oral positive information on the benefits of bioenergy therapy. Most of them do not choose bioenergy therapy as an alternative (alternative) option, but as “miraculous” support. In the event that the client tells us that he has decided not to undergo chemotherapy treatments, we should point out in particular that bioenergy therapy is not an alternative alternative to official medical treatments, but is a welcome and very effective support service that helps body to overcome the disease. Usually (in most cases), bio-energotherapy clients serve in parallel with chemotherapy, as bioenergy support helps to correct the immune system and greatly ease unwanted side effects.

Bioenergy therapists do not discourage any client from “classical treatment” because we do not want and can not take responsibility for his decisions. Anyway, BioQuantum energy therapy:

  • greatly relieves the problems that clients spend on chemotherapy and / or irradiation treatment
  • reducing unwanted side effects of chemotherapy and / or irradiation, thereby increasing the quality of life for patients (patients are much easier to deal with disorders, do not feel weak, less hair loss, etc.)
  • blood count is always improved in all patients (no exceptions)
  • “Cause” the rise of the immune system and thus strengthen the resistance of the organism, which is extremely exposed to infectious diseases and infections due to chemotherapy (or irradiation)
  • Effectively (without medications) we eliminate the pains that can cause leukemia in different parts of the body.

Leukemia is a malignant disease of blood and blood-forming organs, which can be of great help with bioenergetics using the D-BRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy) method. The therapy is non-invasive, painless, no side effects and patient-friendly.

It is important to note that leukemia diagnosis is not an automatic death sentence. Unfortunately, most patients with leukemia diagnosis come to us on bioenergy therapy only at the end, when they tried and exhausted all other options, which in the end too often turned out to be unsuccessful. It is recommended that patients start with diagnosis with bioenergy therapy, regardless of whether they opt for classical treatment or not. Because we do not want, we can not and can not take responsibility for the patient’s decisions, we recommend bio-energotherapy as a complementary (complementary) method. In any case, the patient with leukemia for bioenergtherapy will decide freely, alone and at his own risk.

With bio-energotherapy using the D-BRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy) method, we can effectively help clients, regardless of their distance. Something most wonderful is that you can effectively relieve your health problems at home, comfortably placed in your armchair, on a sofa or in a bed. Bioenergy therapy is performed every day (7/365). Previous telephone announcement and reservation is required.

The procedure is as follows:

1. You call the mob. no. +386 (0) 41 636 532 to determine the free date that suits you (reservation of the term).
2. For four consecutive days, we call you at an agreed hour to exchange a few words before starting therapy. At the end of the treatment (after about 30 minutes) we call you to give us feedback.

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