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Leukemia – we can efficiently help you with holistic, alternative and complementary methods

LevkemijaLeukemia is a malignant disease of blood and blood-forming organs (blood cancer), the frequency of which increases every year. Children’s leukemia is also on the rise. The course of the disease and the healing of leukemia are unpredictable and also depend on when the treatment was started. Official allopathic medicine offers “standard” forms of treatment, most often chemotherapy, which unfortunately has very “severe” undesirable side effects.

What about alternative holistic help? When leukemia is diagnosed, it is not easy, but in any case we can effectively help you with a holistic,  “alternative” and complementary methods. The assistance is carried out on the energy and physical level and in several steps. We offer comprehensive support to help restore homeostasis – a natural balance of health. 

The causes of leukemia (blood cancer), in most cases, are not clear. In the holistic paradigm, we search for causes in energy bodies (in our minds, emotions, mental blockades, stressful events, mournfulness, misfortune, lack of love, dissatisfaction, inability to express our essence …), perhaps the causes are in a polluted environment, in unhealthy and chemically poisoned food, in the electromagnetic radiation … When we get sick for leukemia, at the energy level we “bankrupt ourselves”, while at the same time we lack the essential fatty acids that are of most importance for the proper division of cells and probably also lack some essential vitamins. Another extremely negative influence at the beginning and through the course of the disease is stress. The diagnosis of leukemia (blood cancer) is a huge stress generator. Stress devastatingly affects the functioning of internal secretion glands and many of the most important biochemical processes and physiological functions.

Leukemia holistic treatment:  we must urgently wake up the homeostatic self-regulation processes in our organism and provide the minimum conditions necessary for optimal functioning. As soon as this is ensured, the process of “treatment” begins, namely, the organism has an immanent ability to automatically heal, cure, regenerate and revitalize. Therefore, for relieving and eliminating the problems caused by leukemia, it is extremely important to start BioQuantum Bioenergy therapy as soon as possible (learn more on the following link: BioQuantum Energy Therapy). Using specially encoded bio-quantum energy processes, we intervene in the client’s energy field (into their information matrix) to restore it and stabilize it. Wellbeing improves and blood counts are corrected without exception.

When leukemia (blood cancer) is already manifested at the level of biochemical processes and physiological functions, the organism is intensively assisted on the physical level with oil-protein therapy, which is carried out on the basis of scientific knowledge and rich practical experience of dr. Johanna Budwig (learn more on this link: Oil-protein-therapy). We immediately begin to supply the body with missing essential elements without which leukemia (blod cancer) continues to expand. The client immediately and systematically begins to consume an oil-protein “cocktail” that contains energy “live” essential fatty acids and sulphur-rich proteins that allow the solubility of essential fat (oils) in the water. These two “external” therapeutic interventions are necessary, as the organism at a late stage, when leukemia has progressed, is no longer able to turn the disease trend on its own. Of course, this is not all. Additionally, we support the organism with vitamin B-17 and some extracts from medical cannabis and systematically perform water therapy with spring “live” water for proper hydration (and for boosting ATP energy). Chronic cell dehydration, which, according to Dr. F. Batmanghelidj affects at least 75% of the total population, further blocks the normal functioning of the organism at the level of cellular processes (learn more on the link: Water therapy, ATP energy).

In the process of restoring health it is vital that a person (client, patient) knows that the physical body is directly related to thoughts and emotions, and that through them (through positive thoughts and beliefs and loving emotions) we can influence the matter (physical body). You can read about this “phenomenon” in a revolutionary study in one of the most important books: Think Beyond Your Genes, in which the world-renowned epigenetics dr. Bruce Lipton reveals the missing links between biology, psychology and spirituality. We can not stress enough how important it is to use the disease as an “opportunity” for a deep change (change to health), to change the paradigm… and start working on yourself, to educate and re-build of your “spirit” and “reprogram” the genetic matrixes … We will stand by you. For this purpose, we organize short lectures and workshops every day in the afternoon (more about this on the link: Informational-educational workshops).

Statement: This statement defines the framework of relations and responsibilities. In order to avoid legal complications with the competent institutions of the state and with the official medical profession, as well as with clients, we are obliged to say that “our” therapies are not “exclusive” methods for the treatment of cancer and do not replace official medical treatments. Our intention is not to discourage anyone from official medical procedures for the treatment of cancer. As a provider of holistic therapies we can not and should not take responsibility for your treatment of cancer (leukemia), nor for your health. The decision to come to us for alternative therapies is voluntary and exclusively yours.

… it is important to point out that the diagnosis of leukemia (blood cancer) is not an automatic death sentence. Unfortunately, many patients with a leukemia diagnosis come to us only at the end, when they have tried and exhausted all other options, which in the end too often turned out to be unsuccessful. We recommend that patients start as soon as possible with the bio-energo-therapy BioQuantum and oil-protein therapy, as well as other complementary therapies from our offer, regardless of whether they have decided on classical medical treatment or not. 

Each patient who has been diagnosed with leukemia is consulted by a doctor and on the basis of the information provided, then decides on the treatment method. Many patients have an “a priori” negative attitude towards chemotherapy and look for alternatives. BioQuantum energy therapy is an alternative and complementary method, which has very positive effects on the strengthening of the immune system and on the course of the disease. With the energo-therapy treatments, we renew and stabilize the client’s energy (coherent) field, thereby lifting the immune system and effectively supporting the self-defence ability of the organism. At the same time, the missing unsaturated essential fatty acids (oil-protein “cocktail”) are supplied to the patient in such a way that they can be absorbed by the organism and provide adequate hydration necessary for the normalization of cellular processes (ATP energy).

Often, clients use bioenergy therapy and accompanying therapies in parallel with chemotherapy. We do not refuse such clients, as we know that holistic support greatly helps to strengthen the immune system and greatly eases unwanted side effects. With chemotherapy clients, the BioQuantum energy therapy:

  • greatly facilitates the problems that clients experience when they are treated with chemotherapy and/or irradiation
  • reduce unwanted side effects of chemotherapy and/or irradiation, thereby increasing the quality of life for patients – patients are much more likely to tolerate pain (decreased nausea, less or no vomiting, diarrhea, less hair loss, etc.)
  • in all patients (without exception), the blood count is improved by bioenergy therapy
  • raise (strengthen) the immune system and thus the resistance of the organism, which is extremely exposed to infections and infections due to chemotherapy (or irradiation)
  • effectively (without medications) eliminates (reduces) the pain that leukemia can cause in different parts of the body

The therapies are non-invasive, painless, with no side effects and client-friendly. 

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