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Prostate cancer – we can efficiently help you with holistic, alternative and complementary methods

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men after the age of 50. Prostate cancer can be roughly divided into local cancer, which is locally advanced, and in addition to the entire prostate, also extends to nearby surrounding tissues, and to the prevalence of cancer that has already expanded to bones, lungs and lymph nodes. Local prostate cancer is “solved” by official medicine  with surgical treatment, but if the cancer progresses to the surrounding tissues, it is still affected by chemotherapy. The course of the disease and the recovery of prostate cancer also depend on the time when the client opted for therapy.

What about holistic alternative and complementary help? When you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, it is not easy, but in any case, we can effectively help you with a holistic approach and with “alternative” methods. The assistance is carried out both on the energetic level and on physical level and in several steps. We immediately offer comprehensive support to the organism, with which we help to restore powerful homeostatic self regulating processes, to recharge and boost the immune system – to re-establish the natural balance of health (homeostasis).

Statement: This statement defines the framework of relations and responsibilities. In order to avoid legal complications with responsible institutions of the state and with the official medical profession, as well as with clients, we are obliged to say that “our” therapies are not “exclusive” methods for the treatment of cancer and do not replace official medical treatments. Our intention is not to discourage anyone from official medical procedures for the treatment of cancer. As a provider of holistic “nonmedical” therapies we can not and should not take responsibility for your treatment of cancer, nor for your health. The decision to come to us on alternative therapies is voluntary and exclusively yours.

The causes of prostate cancer in most cases are not clear. In the holistic paradigm, we are looking for causes in the energy bodies (in our minds, emotions, mental blockades, stressful events, dissatisfaction, grief, misfortune, lack of satisfaction, dissatisfaction, inability to express our essence …), perhaps the cause is in a polluted environment, in an unhealthy and chemically poisoned foods, in electromagnetic radiation … When prostate cancer is diagnosed, we find that at the energy level we are “bankrupt”. In the vast majority of cases, the body is lacking the essential fatty acids that are realy essential for the proper division of cells. An additional extremely negative influence on the onset and course of the disease has the stress to which the patient is subjected. The very diagnosis of prostate cancer is a huge stress generator. Stress devastating affects the functioning of the glands with internal secretion and destabilizes many of the most important biochemical processes and physiological functions. Therefore, we must urgently wake up the homeostatic processes of self-regulation in the organism, by achieving the minimum necessary conditions for optimum functioning. As soon as this is ensured, the process of “treatment” begins, namely, the organism has an immanent ability to automatically heal, cure, regenerate and revitalize. Therefore, when relieving and eliminating the problems caused by prostate cancer, it is extremely important to start BioQuantum energy therapy as soon as possible (more information: BioQuantum energy therapy). Using special encoded bio-quantum energy processes, we enclose in the client’s energy field (into an information matrix) to restore it and stabilize it. Well-being improves and blood counts are corrected without exception.

When a guest (client, patient) is admitted to the hotel care, we first refer him to a diagnostic center, where the Sensitive Imago computer systemin a holistic manner, scans the entire health condition of the client, analyze it and adapt the results to the therapy for the proper prostate cancer treatment. It is extremely important that we immediately help to elevate the organism, especially in the areas that the diagnostic system has highlighted as the most important or “critical” ones.

In addition to diagnostics and bioenergy assistance, we also offer assistance at the physical level of the organism. We immediately start with oil-protein therapy, which is carried out on the basis of scientific knowledge and rich practical experience of dr. Johanna Budwig (more information: Oil-protein-therapy). The client immediately and systematically begins to consume special oil-protein “cocktail” that contains energy “live” essential fatty acids and sulfur-rich proteins that allow the solubility of essential fat (oils) in the water. These “external” therapeutic interventions are necessary because the organism in the late stage, when prostate cancer has already advanced, is no longer able to turn the disease trend on its own. Of course this is not all. Through purely natural ingredients, we immediately begin to supply the missing essential elements to the organism,without which prostate cancer continues to develop. Additionally, we support the organism with laetrile B-17 and some extracts from medical cannabis, and systematically perform water-based therapy (“live water”) for proper hydration and for increasing cellular ATP energy. Chronic cell dehydration, for which, according to Dr. F. Batmanghelidja suffers from at least 75% of the entire population of the developed western world, further blocks and prevents the normal functioning of the organism at the level of cellular processes (more information: Water therapy, ATP energy).

It is very important in the process of restoring health that a person (client, patient) knows that the physical body is directly related to thoughts and emotions and that through them (through positive thoughts and beliefs and loving emotions) we have the power to influence the matter (physically body). You can read about this “phenomenon” a revolutionary debate in one of the most important books, Think Beyond Your Genes, in which the world-renowned epigenetic dr. Bruce Lipton reveals the missing links between biology, psychology and spirituality. We can not emphasize enough how important it is to use “illness” as an “opportunity” for a profound change (change to health), to change the view of the world that has caused you ill, to change the paradigm … and begin working on yourself, on overhauling, to rebuild your “spirit” and “reprogram” the gene matrix … We will stand by you. For this purpose, we organize short lectures and workshops every day in the afternoon (more information: Thematic-informative presentations and workshops).

It is important to emphasize that the diagnosis of prostate cancer also in an advanced stage is not an automatic death sentence. Unfortunately, many patients diagnosed with prostate cancer come to us only at the end, when they tried and exhausted all other options that eventually proved too unsuccessful. We recommend that with BioQuantum energy therapy and Oil-Protein Therapy as well as with other complementary therapies from our offer, patients begin as soon as possible, irrespective of whether they have opted for classical medical treatment or not. Because we do not want and we can`t take responsibility for the patient’s decisions, we always recommend our therapies to the clients as complementary (supplementary). In any case, a patient with prostate cancer for our therapies will decide freely, on his own and at his own risk.

Prostate cancer symptoms: patients come to see specialists with symptoms that are often attributed to benign diseases and are associated with the patient’s age. In most cases, prostate cancer in the early stages does not cause problems or disorders. Symptoms of prostate cancer actually occur only when the disease is at an advanced stage, when the tumour presses the urethra due to its size. 

Prostate cancer signs:  most common signs accompanying prostate cancer are the following:

  • frequent urine leakage, especially at night;
  • problems with the onset of urination and painful urination;
  • a weak or interrupted urine stream;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • pain in ejaculation;
  • occasional presence of blood in the urine or sperm.

If prostate cancer spreads to surrounding tissues or even to distant tissues and organs, other symptoms appear:

  • abdominal and bone pain – most often in the spine, side and upper part of the thigh;
  • swelling of the mode and lower extremities;
  • fatigue;
  • lack of appetite and weight loss, occasional heartburn;
  • sometimes coughing and even suffocating.

However, it is not necessary that the above symptoms point exclusively to prostate cancer. Sometimes difficulties in urinating and erectile dysfunctions may also occur as a result of inflammation, infections, or other problems, or because of the expansion of prostate that occurs in older men due to hormonal changes.

When prostate cancer is diagnosed, official allopathic medicine offers “standard” forms of treatment, that is, surgical treatment and/or chemotherapy, which, unfortunately, has very “severe” unwanted side effects and destroys the entire immune system. The BioQuantum energy therapy is a complementary energy method that has a very positive effect on the strengthening of the immune system and on the course of the disease. With energotherapy treatments (adapted for prostate cancer treatment), we renew and stabilize the client’s energy (coherent) field, thereby lifting the immune system and effectively supporting the self-defense ability of the organism. At the same time with the oil-protein “cocktail”, we supply the missing unsaturated essential fatty acids in the way that the organism can absorb it.

Each patient who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer should consult a doctor and decide on the treatment method based on the information provided. As said, prostate cancer in the advanced phase is “healed” by the official allopathic medicine  with chemotherapy with anticipated negative side effects that significantly worsen the quality of patients life. Some patients have an “a priori” negative attitude towards chemotherapy and look for alternatives. Through this they often  find “BioQuantum”. We do not discourage any client from “classical treatment” because we do not want and can not take responsibility for his/her decisions. Sometimes, clients use BioQuantum energy therapy and accompanying therapies in parallel with chemotherapy. We do not refuse such clients as we know that bioenergy support greatly helps to strengthen the immune system and greatly eases unwanted side effects. For chemotherapy clients, BioQuantum energy therapy:

  • greatly facilitates the problems that clients experience when they are treated with chemotherapy and/or irradiation
  • reduce unwanted side effects of chemotherapy and/or irradiation, thereby increasing the quality of life for patients – patients are much more likely to tolerate pain (decreased nausea, less or no vomiting, diarrhea, less hair loss, etc.)
  • in all patients (without exception), the blood count is improved by bioenergy therapy
  • raise (strengthen) the immune system and thus the resistance of the organism, which is extremely exposed to infections and infections due to chemotherapy (or irradiation)
  • effectively (without medications) eliminates (reduces) the pain that prostate cancer can cause in different parts of the body

Prostate cancer is a malignant disease where we can effectively help with holistic, alternative and complementary therapies: BioQuantum energy therapy, oil-protein therapy according to Dr. Johanna Budwig, water therapy (ATP energy), air (respiratory) therapy, dietary and mineral-vitamin therapy can be very helpful. The therapies are non-invasive, painless, with no side effects and client-friendly.

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