Sciatica – alleviating and/or eliminating by bioenergy therapy BioQuantum

išijasSciatica or sciatica is a very unpleasant health problem that causes severe pain. Pain occurs when it comes to pressure on the nerves of the L5 and S1, or even for its inflammation. Sciatica (ishiatic pain) breaks out of the lower back, through the buttocks (also over the hip), unilaterally proceeds in one of the legs on the back of the thigh through the nerve of the sciatica. Sometimes sciatica (ishiatic pain) extends all the way to the foot and toes. The good news for all of you who is sciatica is that in the relief and / or elimination of pain, we can be very helpful with bioenergy therapy by the DBRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy) method.

The patient usually feels partial improvement (pain relief) the first day, immediately after the therapy is performed. Sciatica or išijas (ishiatic pain) then slowly but steadily decreases after each therapy. It needs to be quite persistent (4-7 days) until the sciatica ends up eviscerating and disappears.

Sciatica (sciatica) is successfully managed with bioenergy therapy Bioquantum – remotely. By implementing techniques t.i. quantum teleportation we induce and direct bio-photon plasma into the client’s bio-energetic field, restore it and stabilize it. The normalization of the bio-energy field is immediately reflected as a reduced symptom (pain) – the sciatica with bio-energotherapy usually abruptly abates within three to four days, and in the following days it gets out.

Let us not be distracted by the fact that we are working “remotely” from an experience that will quickly and effectively help you to relieve and eliminate sciatica problems. A person only believes his own experience, so call us to get it.

The great advantage of bioenergtherapy Bioquantum is that it takes place remotely without direct physical contact with the client. It is difficult for a patient suffering from sciatica (sciatica) to get up and go to the bathroom, let’s go to the car and to the doctor’s office. Therefore, bioenergetics at a distance for sciatica is irreplaceable. . Before the start of therapy, the client calls us by telephone, confirms that he is ready and the therapy starts. During the implementation of bioenergy therapy, it is at home, comfortably placed in its armchair, sofa or bed. It is not necessary for a client to “believe,” even less to understand how the “technological process” is taking place and what the bioenergy practitioner is doing during “seance”. The only thing that matters is that the method is effective, safe and does not cause unwanted side effects.

By the energy process, the problem caused by the sciatica (or sciatica) occurs at the source (in the energy field), not in the symptoms (in the physical body). It takes four consecutive days, up to 30 minutes a day. Learn more about how communication is remotely communicating in bio-energotherapy, and what is your REALITY? Read on HERE.

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A bio-energetic therapist is available every day, including Sundays and holidays, from 8:00 to 22:00, on the mobile phone number: 041 636 532. If this moment can not be answered, he will return the call. With an induced bio-photon plasma, we can reach your energy matrix immediately, anytime, anytime! Do not believe it? Try it.

How is bioenergy therapy conducted using the DBRET method? First, for a moment, make a phone call just to share a few words about the problems that your sciatica is causing, and to confirm to your therapist that you are ready to start the therapy – that is, you are comfortably placed (in a sitting or lying position) and that you are already in a state of deep calmness and that there are no disturbing events or people around you who may have been mistaken during the therapy. Then the telephone contact is interrupted and the bio-energetic therapy starts. The bioenergetizer injects and directs bio-photon plasma into the client’s energy (coherent) field, in order to energize it and stabilize it. Bio-plasma directs into the biological field of the affected part of the organism (from the cross, through the buttocks, even hip, on the back of the thigh, often to the undercooked and forward down to the foot or toes). The pain, and also the limits of flexibility (tightening) gradually loosen.

Pain caused by sciatica (sciatica) begins to be relaxed due to the energy intervention by which the bioenergetizer in the pain area releases the muscular tone, unblocks the energy flow and increases blood (and lymphatic circulation), removes energy blockages (the so-called psycho-nodes) and establishes energy balance at points of acute (or chronic) pain. At the same time, withdrawal of pain also restores the movement ability. You wonder how this is possible? There is no need to believe or understand, only one thing is important – the pain caused by the sciatica, give in!

Ishias (sciatica): How is manifested? Pain caused by sciatica is often due to an incorrect stroke. Sciatica causes various degrees of pain, it can be intense, very severe and debilitating, but in an easier form it is just annoying, irritating, but with a potential for deterioration. Sciatica can torment us terribly, even when we stand still, or when we sit, it’s often a burning sensation or tingling down the leg, for numbness when walking a foot or a foot, for a sharp twitch during the resurrection. When it comes to sciatica, pain relief is not enough. Complete rehabilitation is needed.

Sciatica (sciatica) can sometimes lead to serious complications. If you notice weakness of the lower limbs, throat throat or if you can not control the bladder and bowel, seek immediate medical attention.

Of course, people are most interested (when it comes to sciatica), what helps? Pain pains only relieve pain, but sciatica is still present. Effective syphilis therapy was bioenergy therapy, Bioquantum, which not only relieves pain, but sciatica significantly reduces and insists on senara within four to five days. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the bio-energetic therapy for the complete elimination of the problems caused by sciatica. The usual course of the disease: sciatica or ishiatic pain slowly but steadily deteriorates. On the fourth day of therapy, the pain may still be 20-30%. With the repetition of sciatica therapy (sciatica), it usually completely abates (pineha)!

As already mentioned, “bioenergy therapy takes place at your home – remotely!” In an ideal world, everything you need to do to overcome the illness is comfortable sitting in your armchair, completely relaxing physically and physically, and calling the bio-energy operator . Well, this idea is not as far from reality as you might think. In practice, we successfully perform holistic bioenergy therapy using the DBRET (Distance-Bioquantum-Resonance-Energy-Therapy) method – remotely.

Something most wonderful is that a client can alleviate health problems and / or eliminate it at home, comfortably placed in his armchair, on a couch or in bed. The therapy is effective, safe and without unwanted side effects.

We are aware that many people “remote therapy” are something incomprehensible or even impossible. It is not necessary for a client to believe or understand how bio-energy therapy works “remotely”. Only a direct live experience will convince you. Call, we’ll help you.

Bioenergy Bioquantum takes four consecutive days, up to 30 minutes per day. Therapy is performed daily between 8am and 2pm (7/365). Previous telephone announcement and reservation is required.


The procedure is as follows:

1. Call the mob. no. 041 636 532 to determine the free date that suits you (reservation of the term).
2. For four consecutive days, we invite you to exchange a few words at the agreed time, then disconnect the telephone line. At the end of therapy (after about 30 minutes) we call you to get feedback.

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