“Oil-protein” therapy – Dr. Johanna Budwig

“Oil-protein” therapy Dr. Johanna Budwig

In our therapies program, we also provide an “oil-protein” therapy as advised by Dr. Johanna Budwig.

Dr. Johanna Budwig was a top scientist researching the influence of saturated and unsaturated fats on human health, exploring the causes of cancer, incurable chronic diseases, asthma, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, etc. and found and provided answers. She died in 2003 at the age of 95. She was nominated seven times for the Nobel Prize for her scientific achievements, but she never received it.

The fact that she was nominated for the Nobel Prize for her achievements seven times by professional scientific circles, but the “politics” (the “elite” and the interest lobby of capital) always decided that she would not receive it, speaks for itself. Her findings and results in the field of fat and essential fatty acid research, her practical results in alleviating and successfully eliminating cancer in thousands of patients are documented … and are so impressive that simply any honest person can not understand the denial of its achievements, the ignorance and the silence.

In 1952, Johanna Budwig occupied the position of chief expert in the field of fats and pharmaceuticals in the German federal government. She enjoyed the reputation of a leading expert in the field of fats and medicines in the world. She explored the powerful and unwanted influences of industrially processed fats and oils, which devastatingly affect cellular membranes and reduce electrical voltage in cells. In this area she found one of the key causes causing chronic diseases, among others also those that the official medicine proclaims as incurable.

Research led to the finding that electricity (electromagnetic field and bio-energy field) is an essential component of the human organism, but until today in official “scientific” circles it has been an unreasonably neglected factor in the research of processes in the human body. In each living cell, in addition to chemical processes, electrical and electromagnetic processes are continuously being carried out, which connect to a comprehensive electromagnetic communication network. This represents an energy-information matrix for the whole organism. The core of the cell has a positive charge and the membrane has a negative one.

And what happens in our bodies due to the use of “dead” fats? Despite scientific evidence published by dr. Johanna Budwig, the official medicine does not accept a holistic paradigm, and her view still does not go beyond the tip of the nose. If these fats and oils are so dangerous to our blood vessels, how do they affect other systems and our entire organism? And if they are so dangerous, why are they still on the shop shelves? Dr. Budwig found that in industrially-treated unsaturated fats their properties are destroyed and the electric field disappears. Industrially-treated fat destroys the field of electrons in cell membranes in our bodies, which is indispensable for the proper functioning of these cells. There are 75-100 trillion cells in the body and each of them is a natural energy “battery”. Fats and water do not mix. “Fortunately”, fat has the fantastic ability to mix with protein and thus acquire the ability to get into the aqueous solution and hence to all body fluids. And what does the food (fat) industry do? Through various industrial processes, heat treatment, pasteurization, certain mechanical processes, homogenisation and, of course, chemical processes and “stabilizers” it destroys this electromagnetic richness of fats. Fats are “killed” in this way, as a nutrient are dead and without the bioenergetic potential providing life for each cell. Fats are thermally, physically and chemically “stabilized” and as such suitable for long-term storage and for sales in large quantities. Such fats (refined oils, margarines, butter, etc.) can remain on the shelves for months, without “being spoilt” … but people (consumers) are not informed that such industrial processed fats have been “defective” since the beginning and that treated fats are unsuitable for healthy eating … and hence, the occurrence of so many diseases (cancer explosion, chronic diseases of “unknown” origin, etc.). According to Dr. Johanna Budwig, the battery is discharged (the cells are energy-blocked) because the electrons are filled by  “live” fats, naturally-produced essential fatty acids, but if these electrons are no longer filled by fat, then they are no longer active and as such can not get into capillaries and the outbreak (pandemic) of the disease is at the palm of your hand.

Because of improper metabolism caused by processed fats, all the vital functions in our organism are compromised. This is especially true for the processes of the formation of new cells. Our body generates billions of new cells every day. Dr. Budwig points out that in the growth of new cells, bipolarity between the positively charged nucleus and the negatively charged cellular membrane with a high amount of unsaturated essential fat is extremely important. When dividing cells, fatty acids of full electrons must be present on the surface of the cell so that the newly-formed cell (daughter) can successfully break away from the old cell (mothers). When this process is endangered or even interrupted, the body dies. The recognition that industrially processed fats kill life in us is crucial for our health. Industrial-treated fats and oils “extinguish” the electric field in cells, thereby enabling chronic and mortal diseases to take over our entire bodies. A classic example of this is tumor growth.

Dr. Johanna Budwig explains in what sequence the tumor develops and grows: In areas of the body where growth processes occur (such as the skin and mucous membranes) or in internal excretion organs (such as the liver, pancreas, abdominal glands, and gastro-intestinal tract), processes of growth are stopped due to industrially processed fats. Since energy-active fats are not present, growth is obstructed or even interrupted. Because there is a shortage of electrons of charged unsaturated fatty acids, there is a lack of growth of bipolarities. The cellular tissue becomes inactive, even before the cells are formed and before they can be divided … which causes the tumor to develop.

Dr. Budwig strongly emphasized that this “deadly” process can be reversed in such a way that the organism begins to supply sufficient amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, since without them life-threatening processes are blocked.“Scientists” do not believe that this can be achieved simply by simple and high-quality nutrition, that is, with food that contains essential ingredients for life. Her recipe: Cottage cheese produced in bio-ecological way (goat or sheep), of course not homogenized and not pasteurized… and linseed oil, from bio-ecologically grown seeds that are cold-pressed and packaged under vacuum conditions to prevent oxidation. Both are mixed into a homogeneous mass which can revive a stagnant process, awaken biochemical and physiological processes and cause the tumor (or tumors) to disappear, as well as all the accompanying symptoms. This means that the ‘dead battery’ starts charging again.

Dr. Budwig knew that chemotherapy and irradiation could not renew the blocked process of healthy tissue growth, which she also made clear: “I confirm with certainty that standard treatment in hospitals, in cases of tumor formation, irretrievably leads to a worsening of the disease and/or to a faster death. Moreover, if a healthy person is exposed to an official medical treatment for the treatment of cancer, they would acquire cancer in a very short period of time.”

In her books, she says that she has taken very sick patients from the hospital many times, which only had a few days left. The results of her treatments were generally very good. But they were not great, says dr. Budwig, which is attributable to irreparable damage previously caused by chemotherapy and irradiation. Testimonies of patients with an incurable form of cancer who were sent home to die there, and are now healed by Budwig’s method and live a healthy, normal life, come from all over the world. Dr. Budwig proved that her treatment is successful where modern medicine fails.

Dr. Budwig says: ”What we really need are plenty unsaturated fats abundant with electrons.” Deficiency with rich unsaturated fatty acids affects:

  • Respiratory enzyme function (it has been proven that unsaturated fats are an undetectable factor, which decisively affects the correct respiratory stimulation of the cells)
  • All the glands in the body
  • The functioning of the brain
  • Reproductive ability
  • Cell division
  • Tumor formation

In her books, dr. Budwig also draws attention to the link between fatty syndrome, electrons, photons and solar energy:

“The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy, an element of life that affects the most important body functions … A large amount of these electrons, which are on the same wavelength as solar energy, can be found precisely in seeds and seed oil. Oils are rich in unsaturated fat with electrons. But in the human quest to make these oils more persistent and thus more suitable for supermarket shelves, nobody thought about the consequences for health. Through their “procedures” they destroyed the “wealth” of electrons that are vital for us.”

Her latest emphasis may be most important: the electrons in our food are in the service of a resonant solar energy system, the basis of life. Man is basically an “antenna” for the sun. The cross-linking of photons of sun-rays and the electrons in the seed oil manages vital functions. This is probably one of the greatest discoveries in the treatment of chronic and difficult-to-treat diseases.

In the very seriously ill patients, Dr. Budwig found that an unusual green-yellow substance could be observed in the blood, where red oxygen-rich haemoglobin should be found. She also found that such blood has a lack of omega-3 acids. According to her testimony, after three months of oil-cottage cheese diet, that strange yellow-green substance disappears, blood is again rich in oxygen and tumours begin to disappear. 

The focus on the diet is not just about what we have to eat, but also about what we should not eat. The list of dishes that should  be removed from the menu, as they destroy the electric stress in cells, is as follows: margarine, butter, refined oils, sugar, white flour (all flour which is not whole-wheat), refined salt, animal fats (all), meat (except fish), canned foods, processed foods (deep frozen foodsready-made meals), bakers’ and confectionery products, alcohol, coffee.

CONCLUSION: 1) BioQuantum-Energy-Therapy is a powerful and highly efficient treatment for alleviating and eliminating many types of illness, injuries, pain and distress. Energy intervention eliminates deformation of the source frequencies in the client`s energy field and results in normalization of biochemical processes and physiological functions leading to the significant improvement of health and/or full recovery.  2) Oil-protein therapy as adviced by Dr. Johanna Budwig can revive a stagnant process and cause that the ‘dead battery’ started charging again and awaken biochemical and physiological processes – and cause the tumor (tumors) to disappear, as well as all the accompanying symptoms. 

BioQuantum energy therapy + Oil-protein “cocktail” + Airnergy  therapy + Mineral-Vitamin therapy + Live water therapy + Hemp therapy … All the treatments that will be processed in the “Weekly Package” are mutually supportive and provide optimal synergy to restore and maintain your health and well-being. You will learn everything about oil-protein therapy in a 7-day treatment and receive most important information and experience to continue learned routines at home… for your complete recovery. 

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